Operations and recovery room

Preparing for your operation
On the day of your operation, you must not use any cosmetics or wear any jewellery, hair clips or dentures. If the operation is on your legs or arms, nail varnish on the side to be operated on must be removed. Artificial nails must be removed for hand or foot operations. If further preparations are needed, our competent care specialists will discuss these with you.

If you are admitted to the clinic the day before your operation, our care specialists will give you precise instructions regarding what you can or cannot eat or drink.

Clear liquids are permitted up to three hours before the operation. These include water, tea (with sugar but without milk) as well as black coffee. You must not drink any milk or juice. Patient Administration will tell you the exact time after which you are no longer permitted to eat or drink from 4:00 pm on the day before your operation.

We will discuss the type of anaesthesia to be used with you during your preceding narcosis meeting. There are three main types of anaesthesia: During local anaesthesia (“localised narcosis”), only a small localised area is anaesthetised. During regional anaesthesia (“partial narcosis”), the anaesthetised area covers a larger section of your body. And during general anaesthesia (“full narcosis”), the patient is put to sleep.

At Berit Clinic, we use all methods of anaesthesia. The choice depends on the operation and your pre-existing conditions. For this reason, the anaesthetist needs full information about the state of your health. Please complete the anaesthesia questionnaire as fully as possible. This will be discussed with you during your anaesthesia consultation.

We use the latest anaesthetics in order to minimise the strain on your system and ensure greatest possible safety. During regional anaesthesia, you can stay awake, sleep or listen to music.

After the operation, you will be brought to the recovery room, where you will be monitored by expert personnel before you are moved to the ward. For minor or out-patient procedures, you will be brought to the outpatient department or directly to your room.

If you are undergoing a more extensive procedure, such as a hip, knee or spine operation, our physiotherapists will prepare you for your follow-up treatment in person even before the operation. After your operation, you will receive specialised, strength-building physiotherapy tailored to your individual needs in accordance with the operating physician’s instructions. Four to five days after your operation, you will be able to use the fitness pool heated to a temperature of 34 degrees in the presence of your physiotherapist. For insurance reasons, we ask you to bring along trainers, full-cover slippers or sandals with back straps for your physiotherapy. If your operation is on your knees, please remember your crutches.