Hand and elbow surgery

Hands play an important role in our day-to-day lives due to their highly complex facilities for gripping, support and pushing. Increased exposure means that our hands are subject to an increased risk of injuries. And since the anatomic complexity of our hands enables us to perform astonishingly precise work, injuries can have a strong impact. This is also true of elbows whose subtle anatomical structure make them prone to an increased risk of injuries.

In line with the important functions of these body parts, surgical techniques have been refined perpetually. Microsurgery in particular is having a major influence on this specialist area. Optical enlargements and especially small manual surgery tools allow for fascinating successes during hand operations in terms of sensitivity and function. The technical requirements and fine-motor skills of the operating physicians must be accordingly high.

Berit Clinic with its ultra-modern medical infrastructure offers the best conditions for an extensive diagnosis and operative treatment of hands and elbows to ensure that after your leave the clinic, everything will be like it was before your disease or accident.