Hamel Health Centre

Zentrum Hamel

Health Centre in Hamel

Stickereistrasse 4
9320 Arbon
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Specialist physician for hand surgery – Member of the Swiss Medical Association (FHM)
Specialist physician for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, FMH

Specialist physician for diseases of the ears, nose and throat, especially neck and facial surgery FMH

Shoulder, hip and knee orthopaedics

Cooperatively and in person
Our shoulder, hip and knee experts at Orthopaedie Ost work at the Berit Paracelsus Clinic as independent in-patient physicians. Orthopaedic and clinic patients benefit from this long-lasting partnership.

Dr. med. Andreas Bischof, Dr. med. Andreas Oswald and Dr. med. Thomas Wiesner at Orthopaedie Ost have made a name for themselves as renowned orthopaedic surgeons in the areas of sporting injuries, traumatology and artificial joints. They pursue their vision of problem-based, personal care at the three sites in Wil, Speicher (Berit Clinic) and Arbon.

These specialists can boast impressive careers and have published and taught extensively in the fields of shoulder, knee and hip surgery. They are also demonstrating their commitment with several mandates as sports physicians for regional sports clubs.