Medical care

Nurturing care and assistance

Your well-being is our highest imperative. In everything that we do. Every day. At Berit Clinic, physicians, surgeons, care and physiotherapy specialists have successfully worked hand in hand for 40 years. Always with the aim of ensuring that you receive optimal treatment and care. This action principle applies to all of our staff in all areas. We instantly apply new medical findings and progressive methods to our clinic’s day-to-day work. The trusting atmosphere and short reporting channels at Berit Clinic have always had a positive effect on the well-being and convalescence of our patients.

At Berit Clinic, you will be looked after by graduate nursing specialists. They provide top-quality nursing care and keep in mind every patient’s individual personality. Nursing staff are in close contact with your treating physician and physiotherapist so that your care is always in accordance with your medical treatment objective. Our staff view people and medical care as a whole. That’s why their care and treatment not only takes into account physical but also mental, emotional and social levels. The work of our nursing team is tailored to your needs, in the sense of providing nurturing care with heart and mind.