Plastic-reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgery involves changes to the body’s surface for functional or aesthetic/ cosmetic reasons.

Reconstructive surgery deals with restoring physical integrity after tumour operations and accidents as well as with creating normal shapes and functions for congenital deformities.

Aesthetic surgery describes procedures which are not required to remove an illness but which improve external appearance. These are primarily form-changing operations which in recent years have also been used increasingly by men.

Berit Clinic has a highly competent and renowned team of specialists with extensive experience to cover the different needs in the area of plastic-reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


  • Specialist physician for plastic and aesthetic surgery, additional qualification as hand surgeon (Germany, Austria), FESSH, Oberegg

  • Specialist physician for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, FMH, EBOPRAS, specialist physician for surgery, FMH, St. Gallen,