If we stop getting better, we stop being good. This is our maxim for defining top quality as a success of all measures at the clinic which we implement in order to provide the best possible medical, nursing and therapeutic care. Our active quality management involves all employees.

Quality management comprises planning, control, protection and the continuous further development of our standards and processes.

Our quality management e.g. includes various quality measurements in the area of acute somatics and rehabilitation implemented in accordance with the requirements of the National Association for Quality Development in Clinics and Clinics (ANQ):

  • Post-operative wound infection Swissnoso
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Falls and bedsores
  • Potentially avoidable reclinicisation
  • Implant register SIRIS
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation (module 2a)

Quality provides safety, ensures comfort and creates trust. For us, the safety, satisfaction and well-being of our patients is our top priority. We ensure this, for example with the defect reporting system (CIRS) and analyse the causes with the aim of defect avoidance.

Patient satisfaction is extremely important to us. We record this both internally and through an external measuring institute. Since 2009, our patients have been sent an anonymised questionnaire after their release. This results quality measurement is based on scientific methods and provides the basis for our continuous improvement.

The external measurement results are supplemented by internal patient feedback and provide us with continuous, timely information about the satisfaction of our patients.

We see ourselves as a modern service company and rely on the high competence and professionalism of our employees. In addition to top technical competence, the qualification of our team also plays a key role to ensure the best possible treatment and care for our patients.