Spine centre –
Conservative and operative spine treatments

Treatment of diseases of and injuries to the spine is complex and requires a thorough examination and investigation. Many factors can trigger and influence neck and back pain.

That’s why it matters to us to extensively investigate your complaints and advise and assist you individually and competently throughout your treatment.

Only in rare cases will spine operations be required as an emergency or within only a few days. Acute, severe paralysis only very rarely occurs without preliminary signs. For most diseases of the spine, there is ample time to initiate conservative treatments and observe how pain responds to them.

If an operative procedure is required after all, it is important to us to provide you as the patient with all information about the procedure, the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures, the expected result and the post-operative process. A detailed conversation with your narcosis physician forms part of good preparations.


  • Operative and non-operative treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Conservative and operative treatment of child scoliosis
  • Second and third opinions
  • Spinal infiltration (PRT, facet joints etc.)
  • Spinal disc operations
  • Spinal canal extensions
  • Dynamic stabilisations
  • Spinal disc prostheses (cervical and lumbar spines)
  • Spine stabilisations for age-related, inflammatory and accident- or tumour-related changes
  • Complex reconstructions for defective positions and curvatures (scoliosis, kyphosis)
  • Correcting procedures following older vertebral fractures
  • Complex procedures after preliminary operations on all spinal sections